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From Kathmandu to Tibet by Land

The ride from hell or do not believe what your tour agent tells you......


We booked an 8 day/7 night tour to Tibet while in Kathmandu. We were promised a lot of things and so far it has all been bullshit. Do not book tours to travel by land to Tibet unless you are willing to accept that what the tour agent has promised may or may not happen.
We were suppose to travel by 4-wheel jeeps to the border - that did not happen. There were 19 of us in a bus. 15 km from the border the villigers living next to the road had block passage and we had to walk two km and then pay a jeep to carry us to the border crossing. That in and of itself had to be a scam. The villigers were making a ton of money by their standards portering everyone's bags and such. We were not the only group subjected to this mess. Apparently this particular tour package runs on Sunday and Tuesday every week. Thus a ton of tourists pass through this road and are more than likely subjected to this scam.
Once we got to the border crossing we had to stand in the rain the rain and wait to be processed. Due to the H1N1 virus scare everyone had to go through a health check. So we had to line up single file and be scan by an infra-red scanner. Of the 19 in our group only five passed through immeadiately. Everyone else had to go into a room and have there temp double checked. Fortunately everyone got through immagrations. This whole ordeal took around two hours.
All of us were expecting to be picked by the promised jeeps but alas that never happened instead we piled into a tour bus and proceeded on to our first stop. However, the road which is on the side of a mountain was under construction. Yes, our lives were in the hands of our driver and I am hear to tell you that there were times when I did not think we were going to survive this adventure. At one point I and a few others got out of the bus and walked ahead because the bus was only inches from the edge of the gravel road and was having to pass several dump trucks.
Needless to say we all made it in one peice but it has not been anything to what we were promised. Hopefully thing will improve.
More later......

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Live from Nepal, its Tall Boy and D-dizzle

Finally an internet cafe that is able to support our blog


We arrived in Kathmandu on the 24th. All went well at the airport with the exception of having to fly around until the weather cleared to allow for landing. Our Thai Air pilot was quite capable and I made sure to thank him we left the plane.
Once again as we entered the terminal we were checked for symptoms of "swine" flu. Passed with flying colors and headed to the visa desk. Did you know that it takes 4 Nepales to assign a visa? That is pretty much how things work here.....labor is cheap, thus one can afford to have four people to do the job of one.
We stayed in Kathmandu for one night at the Encounter Hotel ($15US). That is a lot by Nepal standards. The room was okay but I would not stay there again for that price.
We left the next day for Baktapur. It was a 25 minute ride in dense traffic with lots-o-exhaust.
Once aat the gates of Baktapur, we paid the $750rs (10US). Well worth the money, since it goes to maintaining the historical buildings and religious shrines. It is an amazing place for its Newari history. We will upload pictures when we get the time. Right not the internet is somewhat slow and the computers are not the most up to date but hey,better than nothing.
We stayed at the Ganesh Guest house for $500rs ($6.66US). It is off of Durbar Square as you head to Tachpal Tole (sp?) The owner was very nice and did not pressure us to go on some trek or tour. What was really cool was that they threw me a Nepali birthday. Very cool and there are some pics of this event as well.
We also took bikes to Nangakort via a local bus. The ride up would have been impossible by bike. It was 16km up a good sized hill/mountain. Once up in the clouds (literally cuz the clouds were relatively low) we took off down the mountain. It was great fun overall but the bike seats were hard as hell and mine kept filpping-up (ouch even for a girl). My ischial tuberosities will never be the same.
We are back in Kathmandu after three days in Baktapur. We are staying at Family Peace Guest house $400rs. It is off of the Tamel area (main tourist area) in the Paknajol area. Very nice, qiuet side street well worth the short distance from Tamel.
Well gotta go....Namaste.

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Can you spell "monsoon"?

Do not pick up the white people


Greetings. Well, we tried to catch a taxi in the pouring rain during Friday rush hour. After an hour and three taxis refusing to take our fair, Anthony and I said, "screw it and went back to the room". We were suppose to meet Akekawat and A but had to call and cancel.
Earlier in the day, we made it to the zoo. The zoo was interesting. Got to see a lot of nasty, poisonous snakes, monkeys, croc's and I got a cool picture of a giraffe (sp?). We walked all the way to the zoo and after that adventure decided on a taxi back to the room. Walking in 90 plus humid weather is not much fun.
Anthony is in the same frame of mind as me......"get me the hell out of Bangkok".
I am hoping that Nepal will be better. From my perspective, it will be nice to get out of a large city and be in a little more rural area. Plus, the mountains will be less humid and cooler.

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Got your fill of Bangkok?



Though we both love travelling and seeing new sites, Bangkok hustle and bustle can wear on ya after awhile. The sights and sounds do not change much from corner to corner, but when we find a market of some sort it provides a few photo opps. (maybe we'll find a better internet connection to load some)

We got the opportunity to travel by subway and train during the peak of rush hour. The subway was a breeze but when heading up the stairs to the "sky train," we both began to wonder if we'd make it to our final destination. It was possible and I'll tell ya how...pack yourself into a train like sardines! That's exactly what it's like but with out the smelly watery crap in the sardine's can. Though separated for a few stops, we managed to pop out of the train doors along with all the people inside. A very fun ride, yet similar to subways in NYC during rush hour.

In the evenings, don't forget your umbrella. Rainy season produces some very impressive yet refreshing down-pours.

About out of time.

Tonight is the night time flower market.

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Another day in Bankok

Is that the zoo?

It is another day in Bankok. The heat has already set in for the day and it looks to be a hot, wet one. We are heading for the Dursit Zoo today. Hopefully, there will be some interesting photo opportunities.
Last night we went to a Thai traditional puppet show. It was amazing. Three people per puppet. The puppets were approximately two feet in size and very ornate.
Gotta go.

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