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Another day in Bangkok

Got smog?


Anthony and I went on a walkabout today. Got some good photos. I downloaded only a few because it takes for fricking ever to upload to this site.
The heat is oppressive. It is hot, humid and smog-o-licious.
We have gone to a few sites....Grand Palace, China Town and a few temples thrown in for good measure.
Beware the Thai stranger who speaks excellent english. They are attempting to scam you. They will tell you that the temples are closed during a certian time but they can take you to very special places for a very special price. Do not beleive them.
Another bit of advice, do not ride the Tuk-tuks during high traffic. These are open air rides. The smog is so bad you might as well stick your head next to a car tailpipe and breathe deeply. Take a taxi but make sure the driver turns on the meter. If he does not then get out. Do not worry about being rude.

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Made it to Bangkok

How to lose a day over the Pacific ocean


After 20 solid hours of flying we have made it to Thailand. I do not reccomend the flight for the clastrophobic nor the impatient or the extremely tall ( i.e. Anthony).
The weather is hot and humid but the food makes up for it. Gaining weight is no problem because you are going to sweat it off any way.
Our friend Akawat pulled through by giving us the ins and outs of Bangkok. Although this will be just a short stint in our trip.
We are staying at Sawsdee Bangkok Inn on KaoSan Road for 800baht(24US)/day. The room is small but reasonable.
More later.
Take care

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